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Servidor HP Apollo R2600 (G9)

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HP Apollo R2600 (G9)


The Apollo 2000 line is targeted at dense compute applications like high-performance computing (HPC) but can also be used for a remote office deployment and traditional data centers. The HPE Apollo r2600 Gen9 Chassis is a hyper-converged platform that supports one, two, or four compute nodes within a compact 2U server chassis. There are three models to choose from the r2200, r2600, and r2800 gen9 server nodes. The Apollo r2600 and r2800 support 24 SFF storage devices up front, and the r2200 supports 12 LFF drives up front.

The Apollo r2600 Chassis features up to 24 hot-swap drives up front and with four compute nodes, which plug in from the back. The Apollo 2000 family is a converged infrastructure platform, with storage, cooling, and power supported in the chassis, while compute, memory, and network communications are handled by the compute nodes.

Supported compute nodes include:

* NOTE: The Gen10 versions of the above server nodes are not supported by the Gen9 chassis.


The Apollo r2600 Gen9 chassis will support either four 1U ProLiant XL170r Gen9 compute nodes, two 2U ProLiant XL190r Gen9 compute nodes. Both the 1U XL170r and 2U XL190r compute nodes support either one or two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 or v4 processors with up to 22 cores. However, with the 2U form factor on the 2U XL190r Gen9 can support one or two Nvidia Tesla GPUs or Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. The r2600 Chassis comes with four single rotor fans and will support four additional fans for redundancy. Powering the system are either two 800W or two 1400W power supplies.


All memory on the HPE r2600 Chassis is supported on the compute nodes. Memory capacity is the same for both the HPE ProLiant XL170r Gen9 and the ProLiant XL190r Gen9 server nodes. Each will support a maximum capacity of up to 512GB using 32GB Load-Reduced (LRDIMM) memory modules in all slots.


The HPE R2600 Gen9 Chassis supports 24 hot-plug SAS or SATA HDDs or SSDs up front that are allocated equally between the installed server nodes. Each server node also supports an embedded B140i RAID controller.


The system features HPE insight Management software to increase productivity and reduce costs. Also included is HPE’s Integrated Lights-Out (ILO) which works with the HPE Systems Insight Manager, Insight Control, and insight Dynamics. Also available is HPE’s Matix Operating Environment which helps dynamically adjust the system to changing business demands on a minute-to-minute basis. HPE’s Advanced Power Manager is an optional feature that will help discover new hardware and adjust power setting and capping. The Advanced Power Manager will also consolidate Ethernet access to iLO modules housed in the HPE R2600 Gen9 Chassis.


The HPE Apollo r2600 Gen9 Chassis is a great option for high performance computing with support for up to four dual-socket compute nodes in a 2U chassis. Administrators can start out with a single chassis and a single compute node and add more nodes or fully configured chassis to quickly scale as business needs grow.

    • 24 SFF hot-plug SAS or SATA HDDs or SSDs – allocated equally across server nodes

    • Height: 3.44 in (8.73 cm)

    • Width: 17.64 in (44.81 cm)

    • Depth: 32.4 in (82.27 cm)

    • Weight Empty: 21.74 lb (9.86 kg)

    Max Approximate Enclosure Weight: 51.69 lb (23.45 kg)
    The Chassis ships standard with 4 single rotor fan modules.
    A chassis requires that four (4) server tray slots be populated with either an HPE ProLiant XL170r, XL190r server or an HPE Apollo 2000 Server Tray Blank Kit.
  • Insight Management
      • Software media available for download includes:
    • HPE Insight Control
    • HPE Insight Control for Microsoft® System Center
    • HPE Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server
    • HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM)
    • HPE Insight Dynamics / Matrix Operating Environment
  • Service Pack for ProLiant
  • HPE Integrated Lights-Out(ILO)
  • HPE Insight Control
  • HPE Matrix Operating Environment
    The HPE Advanced Power Manager (HPE APM) is an optional rack level solution.
    HPE Apollo 2000 RCM-module Kit
  • 800W
  • 1400W
    HPE 2U Security Bezel Kit
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