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Servidor HP BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure

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HP BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure


bladesytem front elevation with three half-height blade servers

HPE’s C7000 enclosure supports several different combinations of blades; including up to 16 half-height blades, eight full-height blades, eight expansion blades, or a combination of different form factors not exceeding 16 blades. With the ability to support a great deal of network and external storage connectivity, the BladeSystem c7000 is an excellent choice for extreme virtualization or use as a standalone or clustered SQL server, all of which require generous network connectivity.
While the server blades provide the compute and storage, the enclosure provides shared cooling, power, and networking for the supported blades that can then be managed as a single unified environment. The enclosure supports a minimum of four fans and up to ten redundant hot swap fans. Six power modules support single-phase and three-phase high-line or high-voltage AC power supplies or high voltage DC power options. Up to four redundant interconnect I/O fabrics are supported simultaneously including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, SAS, etc. Just about everything on the HPE c7000 chassis is redundant for increased resiliency, including the optional redundant BladeSystem Onboard Administrator Management Module.


hpe c7000 front detail with three half-height blade servers

The BladeSystem c7000 supports multiple server and networking configurations in a single enclosure, and can manage a single server or multiple servers for pooled resources. Several generations of server and storage blades are supported on the enclosure depending on the Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect firmware levels. Although, HPE recommends the most current firmware be used to ensure maximum compatibility. The enclosure supports specific blades from Gen1 and blades from Gen5 through the current version Gen9.

Supported Blades

  • D2220sb (DAS)
  • BL460c (G1)
  • BL465c (G1)
  • BL480c (G1)
  • BL685c (G1)
  • BL260c G5
  • BL460c G5
  • BL465c G5
  • BL495c G5
  • BL680c G5
  • BL685c G5
  • BL280c G6
  • BL460c G6
  • BL465c G6
  • BL490c G6
  • BL495c G6
  • BL685c G6
  • BL2x220c G6
  • WS460c G6
  • BL2x220c G7
  • BL460c G7
  • BL465c G7
  • BL490c G7
  • BL685c G7
  • BL620c G7
  • BL680c G7
  • BL420c Gen8
  • BL460c Gen8
  • BL465c Gen8
  • BL660c Gen8
  • WS460c Gen8
  • BL460c Gen9
  • WS460c Gen9
  • BL660c Gen9



hpe c7000 back of system showing fans, interconnect modules, and onboard Administrator

The system features a converged infrastructure consolidating server, storage, networking, and power management. HP OneView combines the various components enabling them to be managed by a single integrated management platform. Along with Onboard Administrator and iLO remote, Administrators can manage the system on-site or remotely.
An optional BladeSystem Onboard Management module offers asset and inventory management, real-time power usage for individual servers and for the enclosure, integrated access to the integrated iLO modules on each server from a single cable, a front-mounted Insight Display, and integrated access to interconnect bay device management ports from a single cable.
HPE’s integrated management allows Administrators to manage the system as easily as a single server.


The BladeSystem c7000 offers Administrators the ability to easily scale by adding more blades or more enclosures. Once past the initial investment, the enclosure also provides a lower cost per server, less power consumption, and more efficient air-flow management compared to rack mounted servers. And, with several generations of server blades supported in the same chassis, the system will continue to support your network infrastructure for years to come.

    10U Enclosure
    Up to 16 half-height server blades, 8 full-height server blades, and/or 8 expansion blades per enclosure (not exceeding 16 total blades).
    • Choice of single-phase high-line AC, three-phase high-line AC, single-phase high voltage AC, -48V DC, or high voltage DC power options for flexibility in connecting to datacenter power.

    HPE Thermal Logic technology to minimize power consumption and reduce cooling.
    A minimum of four hot-plug HPE Active Cool 200 Fans. For additional capacity, redundancy, and improved power consumption and acoustics, Active Cool 200 Fan kits can be added for a maximum of 10 fans
    Up to 4 redundant interconnect I/O fabrics (Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, SAS, etc.) supported simultaneously within the enclosure.
  • Redundant hot-plug cooling
  • Redundant hot-plug power supplies
  • Redundant connections
  • Redundant interconnect modules
  • Optional redundant BladeSystem Onboard Administrator management module
  • H: 44.2 cm (17.4 in)
  • W: 44.7 cm (17.6 in)
  • D: 81.3 cm (32 in)
  • Weight: 148 lb (67 kg)
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