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Servidor HP EdgeLine EL1000 Converged

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HP EdgeLine EL1000 Converged


HPE Edgline EL1000 converged edge system, detail

HPE has two platforms to choose from the HPE EdgeLine EL1000 Converged Edge System and the higher capacity EL4000 both of which support server cartridges for the actual processing. These Edgeline systems feature a rugged chassis providing greater resistance to shock, vibration, and high temperatures. It’s ideal for remote locations like power grids, oil rigs, windmills, and maybe even those remote bases in the arctic that use the Internet of Things to monitor moment to moment fluctuations and changes in the ice sheet. Edge platforms have traditionally been underpowered without the processing power, memory or storage to process on site and depended on proprietary routers or switches. HPE’s new Edgeline platforms offer server-grade processing, memory, and storage to tackle the most demanding tasks. They are validated by major software manufactures like Microsoft, SAP HANA, Centrix ZenApp and ZenDesktop, among others, to provide the same experience one would expect from not so remote locations. The single idea behind these platforms is to increase data processing speed and provide users with the data they need to respond faster.


The system can be outfitted with one of two high-density compute nodes. Compatible nodes include the HPE ProLiant m510 Server Cartridge featuring an Intel Xeon D processor with 8 to 16 cores or an HPE ProLiant m710x Server Cartridge featuring an Intel Xeon E3-1585L v5 4-core processor with a workstation-class GPU.

Supported Server Cartridges

HPE m510

HPE ProLiant m510 Server Cartridge

HPE ProLiant m510 Server cartridge is a compute workhorse designed to enhance the performance of applications used for analytics, machine learning, and extreme user density application delivery when installed in HPE Moonshot or HPE Edgeline Systems. The ProLiant m510 Server cartridge has either one Intel Xeon D-1548 (8-core) or a Xeon D-1587 (16-core) CPU supporting up to 128GB of ECC memory, dual 10Gb Ethernet, and storage provided by one or two 1TB NVMe M.2 flash storage modules, plus one 240GB SATA M.2 for local OS booting.

HPE m710x

HPE ProLiant m710x Server Cartridge

The HPE ProLiant m710x Server Cartridge features a single intel Xeon E3 CPU and is designed for HPE’s new EdgeLine EL1000 and EdgeLine EL4000 converged platforms. It’s also compatible with HPE’s Moonshot 1500 chassis, which can support up to 45 server cartridges. The ProLiant m710x is a rugged server sled designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications combining data capture, control, and storage for real-time decision-making. It also has built-in graphics support for design, CAD, and visualization applications. It features a single Intel Xeon E3-1585L v5 processor, supports DDR4 memory, plus storage and boot support from up to five M.2 NVMe devices.


Storage is not an issue for the HPE EL1000 server cartridge. Two 2.5-inch SFF hot-plug SATA drives can be installed for up to 4TB of total storage capacity. Depending on your choice of server cartridge, you’ll get support for three to five SATA or NVMe M.2 SSDs for blazing fast storage. Access to additional external storage is via PCIe add-in cards.


Memory is also provided on the compute sled, which can be outfitted with up to 128GB of DDR4 RDIMM memory modules operating at 2133MHz. In contrast, the HPE ProLiant m710x also supports up to 128GB of DDR4 memory modules operating at speeds to up to 2133MHz. The Xeon E3-1585L processor supported on the m710x compute cartridge features integrated Intel Iris Pro P580 Graphics with 128MB of embedded DRAM.


The HPE EdgeLine EL1000 server cartridge supports two full-height, half-length PCIe x8 card slots, that can support up to 50W each or you can install two PXI/PXIe modules. There are also several I/O PCIe card options to choose from, including Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/LTE WAN, and 10GbE, to name a few. The system also has two internal Mini-PCIe slots with associated SIM sockets. Two 1Gb (RJ45) ethernet ports, a dedicated 1GbE port to access HPE’s integrated Lights Out management module (iLO), and a total of four USB 3.0 ports are located on the front of the system for easy access.


The EdgeLine EL1000 has HPE’s industry leading integrated Lights Out (iLO) management and security module integrated on the system board. A single dedicated RJ45 ethernet port provides easy access to iLO for easy deployment, monitoring, and support of the system. It’s fully compatible with popular IoT security solutions for protection in high-risk edge environments with Aruba ClearPass created to identify and secure IoT devices. ClearPass offers automated threat protection and recovery for devices that require minimal hands-on IT interaction. HPE’s Converged Edge Systems also have a modular design that enables easy subsystem replacements and upgrades.


A study by Gartner indicates less that 10% of data is being analyzed in remote locations, and this number is expected to grow to 75% by 2022. HPE hopes to take advantage of this increased “Edge” productivity with the HPE EdgeLine EL1000 and EL4000 Converged Edge System. These Edge platforms also provide greater security, and cost just by doing the processing at the “edge”, and by edge they mean the edge of civilization in some cases…

  • HPE ProLiant m510 Server (Intel® Xeon® D – 8 or 16 cores)
  • HPE ProLiant m710x Server (Intel® Xeon® E3 – 4 cores with workstation-class GPU)
  • Two full-height half-length (FHHL) PCIe x8 slots
  • Two PXI/PXIe modules (hybrid slot)
  • Two internal Mini-PCIe slots with associated SIM sockets
  • Two 2.5″ Small Form Facor (SFF) Hot-Plug disk bays
  • Three to five Solid State Drive (SSD) slots on each compute node
  • Maximum storage capacity: 4TB

  • Two 1GB RJ45 ethernet ports
  • Four USB 3.0 ports
  • HPE iLO4 enterprise-class management processor with dedicated RJ45 network port
    • System Unit

    • H: 3.44″ (8.73 cm)

    • W: 13.8″ (35.05 cm)

    D: 9.16″ (23.26 cm)
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