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FortiAnalyzer Virtual Appliances Revenda Fortinet

Centralized Logging, Analysis, and Reporting On A Virtual Platform
FortiAnalyzer OS

The FortiAnalyzer Virtual Appliances securely aggregate log data from Fortinet devices and other syslog-compatible devices. Using a comprehensive suite of easily-customized reports, users can filter and review records, including traffic, event, virus, attack, Web content, and email data, mining the data to determine your security stance and assure regulatory compliance.

FortiAnalyzer Virtual Appliance Features & Benefits:

  • Over 550 reports and customizable charts help monitor and maintain identify attack patterns, acceptable use policies, and demonstrate policy compliance
  • Network capacity and utilization data reporting allow you to plan and manage networks more efficiently
  • Scalable architecture allows the device to run in collector or analyzer modes for optimized log processing
  • Advanced features such as event correlation, forensic analysis, and vulnerability assessment provide essential tools for in-depth protection of complex networks
  • Secure data aggregation from multiple FortiGate and FortiMail™ security appliances provides network-wide visibility and compliance

Enhanced Visibility With FortiAnalyzer Platforms

FortiAnalyzer platforms integrate network logging, analysis, and reporting into a single system, delivering increased knowledge of security events throughout your network. They provide organizations of any size with centralized security event analysis, forensic research, reporting, content archiving, data mining, malicious file quarantining and vulnerability management. Centralized collection, correlation, and analysis of geographically and chronologically diverse security data from Fortinet appliances and third-party devices deliver a simplified, consolidated view of your security posture.

The FortiAnalyzer family minimizes the effort required to monitor and maintain acceptable use policies, as well as identify attack patterns to help you fine tune your policies. In addition, FortiAnalyzer platforms provide detailed data capture for forensic purposes to comply with policies regarding privacy and disclosure of information security breaches.

Security Event Information Management

You can put time back in your day by deploying a FortiAnalyzer platform into your security infrastructure, creating a single view of your security events, archived content, and vulnerability assessments. FortiAnalyzer platforms accept a full range of data from Fortinet solutions, including traffic, event, virus, attack, content filtering, and email filtering data. It eliminates the need to manually search multiple log files or manually analyze multiple consoles when performing forensic analysis or network auditing. A FortiAnalyzer platform’s central data archiving, file quarantine and vulnerability assessment further reduce the amount of time you need to spend managing the range

Choice of Form Factor

Very few organizations use 100% hardware IT infrastructure or 100% virtual IT infrastructure today, creating a need for both hardware appliances and virtual appliances in your security strategy. FortiAnalyzer can be deployed as either hardware or a virtual appliance to fit your environment, which may include a mix of virtual and physical IT infrastructure. FortiAnalyzer will log events from FortiOS-based hardware appliances, virtual appliances, or a combination of both.

Features: Benefits:
Network Event Correlation Allows IT administrators to more quickly identify and react to network security threats across the network.
Graphical Summary Reports Provides network-wide reporting of events, activities and trends occurring on FortiGate and third party devices.
Scalable Performance and Capacity FortiAnalyzer family models support thousands of FortiGate and FortiClient™ agents, and can dynamically scale storage based on retention/compliance requirements.
Centralized Logging of Multiple Record Types Including traffic activity, system events, viruses, attacks, Web filtering events, and messaging activity/data.
Seamless Integration with the Fortinet Product Portfolio Tight integration maximizes performance and allows FortiAnalyzer resources to be managed from FortiGate or FortiManager™ user interfaces.
Choice of Standalone, Collector or Analyzer mode Can be deployed as an individual unit or optimized for a specific operation (such as Store & Forward or Analytics)
FortiAnalyzer Virtual Appliances
Hardware Platform Requirements
GB/Day of Logs 1 incl. +1 +5 +25 +100
Sessions/Day 3.5 M 3.5 M 18 M 85 M 360 M
Device Quota 200 GB +200 GB +1 TB +8 TB +16 TB
Devices/ADOMs/VDOMs Supported (Max) 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Hypervisors Supported VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0/4.1/5.0/5.1, Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 / 2012
Network Interface Support (Min / Max) 1 / 4
vCPUs (Min / Max) 1 / Unlimited
Memory Support (Min / Max) 1 GB / Unlimited
FortiAnalyzerOS Security Services

General System Functions

  • Profile-Based Administration
  • Secure Web Based User Interface for Encrypted Communication & Authentication Between FortiAnalyzer Server and FortiGate Devices
  • Mail Server Alert Output
  • Connect / Sync FortiAnalyzer SNMP Traps
  • Syslog Server Support
  • RAID Configurations, Change / View RAID Level
  • Support For Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Launch Management Modules
  • Launch Administration Console
  • Configure Basic System Settings
  • Online Help
  • Add/Change/Delete a FortiGate Device
  • View Device Groups
  • View Blocked Devices
  • View Alerts / Alert Events
  • Alert Message Console
  • View FortiManager Connection Status
  • View System Information / Resources
  • View Statistics
  • View Operational History
  • View Session Information
  • Backup / Restore
  • Restore Factory Default System Settings
  • Format Log Disks
  • Migrate data from FortiAnalyzer to another
  • Per-ADOM Dashboard

DLP Archive / Data Mining

  • All Functions of Log Analysis & Reporting with additional tools to detect and analyze data losses
  • View by Traffic Type
  • View Content Including: HTTP (Web URLs),
  • FTP (Filenames), Email (Text), and Instant
  • Messaging (Text)
  • View Security Event Summaries
  • View Traffic Summaries
  • View Top Traffic Producers

Network Analyzer

  • Real-Time Traffic Viewer
  • Historical Traffic Viewer
  • Customizable Traffic Analyzer Log
  • Search Network Traffic Logs

Log Analysis & Reporting

  • View/Search/Manage Logs
  • Automatic Log Watch
  • Profile-Based Reporting
  • Over 450 Predefined Reports plus customization
  • Example Reports Include:
    • Viruses: Top Viruses Detected, Viruses Detected by Protocol
    • Events: By Firewall, Overall Events Triggered, Security Events Triggered, & Events Triggered by Day of Week
    • Mail Usage: Top Mail Users by Inbound and Outbound Web Usage Reports
    • Web Usage: Top Web Users, Top Blocked Sites, and Top Client, Attempts to Blocked Sites
    • Bandwidth Usage: Top Bandwidth Users, Bandwidth by Day and by Hour, and Bandwidth Usage by Protocol Family
    • Protocols: Top Protocols Used, Top FTP Users, & Top Telnet Users
    • Wan-Opt log information
  • Log Aggregation to Centralized FortiAnalyzer FortiClient Specific Reports
  • SQL Database Integration
  • SQL support for all features – including alerts, dashboard widgets, log viewer, FortiClient, and FortiMail
  • SQL Query / Schema tools

Central Quarantine

  • Configure Quarantine Settings
  • View Quarantined Files List
  • Quarantine Release API
  • Quarantine Summary by type of file, reason it was detected, first and last detected times, total unique quarantine files, and total number of detections for each type and reason

Forensic Analysis

  • E-Discovery
  • Track User Activities by Username, Email Address, or IM Name
  • Supports FortiGuard Web Filtering Reports to Show Web Site Access And Blocked Web Sites Per User
  • Configurable Report Parameters including:
    • Profiles, Devices, Scope, Types, Format, Schedule and Output
  • Customized Report Output
  • Reports on Demand
  • Report Browsing

Log Browser And Real-Time Log Viewer

  • Web 2.0 Style, Real-Time Log Viewer
  • Historical & Custom Log Views
  • Log Filtering, Search, and Rolling
  • View Web, Email and/or FTP Traffic
  • View Instant Messaging and P2P Traffic
  • Filter Traffic Summaries
  • Device Summary
  • Traffic Reports Including: Event (Admin Auditing), Viruses Detected, Attack (IPS Attacks), Web Content Filtering, Email Filtering, Content (Web, Email, IM)

Graphic Reporting

FortiAnalyzer systems empower the network or security administrator with the knowledge needed to secure their networks through a comprehensive suite of standard graphical reports and the total flexibility to customize custom reports. Network knowledge can be archived, filtered and mined for compliance or historical analysis purposes.

Granular Information

The FortiAnalyzer User Interface (UI) enables administrators to drill deep within security log data to provide the granular level of reporting necessary to understand what is happening on your network. Historical or real-time views allow administrators to analyze log and content information, as well as network traffic. The advanced forensic analysis tools allow the administrator to track user activities to the content level.

Real-Time Log Viewer

The ability to monitor network, traffic and user events in real-time or browse historical data for specific events provides powerful insight into network security threats, performance and user behavior.

Supported Devices

  • FortiGate Multi-Threat Security Systems
  • FortiMail Messaging Security Systems
  • FortiClient Endpoint Security Suite
  • FortiWeb Web Application Security
  • FortiManager Centralized Management
  • Any Syslog-Compatible Device

FortiGuard Security Subscription Services

FortiGuard Security Subscription Services deliver dynamic, automated updates for Fortinet products. The Fortinet Global Security Research Team creates these updates to ensure up-to-date protection against sophisticated threats. Subscriptions include antivirus, intrusion prevention, web filtering, antispam, vulnerability and compliance management, application control, and database security services.

FortiCare Support Services

FortiCare Support Services provide global support for all Fortinet products and services. FortiCare support enables your Fortinet products to perform optimally. Support plans start with 8×5 Enhanced Support with “return and replace” hardware replacement or 24×7 Comprehensive Support with advanced replacement. Options include Premium Support, Premium RMA, and Professional Services. All hardware products include a 1-year limited hardware warranty and 90-day limited software warranty.

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