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FortiPresence Revenda Fortinet

WiFi Presence Analytics and Customer Engagement Solution
How It Works


The advent of smartphones and the expansion of online retailers like Amazon are challenging the market for offline brick-and-mortar retailers. A further threat to offline retailers is showrooming, the practice of customers viewing and trying a product in-store, then buying it online. Until now, online retailers had an unfair advantage as their platforms have been collecting consumer data for years. This data enables them to monitor shopping behavior, customer loyalty, and promotion impact.

  • Presence and Positioning Analytics
    Real-time location trends, total visitors, time spent in store, comparison across stores, and heat maps with animated flows.
  • Customer Engagement Tools
    Social WiFi, conversion and bounce rates, visitor contact info, and wayfinding and related services.
  • Cloud-based Service
    No hardware to purchase or manage means quick and easy deployment.


  • Combines WiFi and analytics to deliver end-to-end solution
  • Provides data needed to understand and influence shopping behavior
  • Includes analytics, reports, competitor intelligence, and influence engine


Fortinet Presence Analytics helps answer these questions:

Franchise wide

  • Which store has the most traffic, largest customer base, or most customer loyalty?
  • Does the new window display bring in new customers?
  • How long do customers stay and how many are repeat customers?
  • What campaigns are making customers stay longer?
  • What is the ROI on the marketing dollars that are being spent?



Inside the mall

  • Which stores are popular?
  • How long do people spend in the mall?
  • What are the movement patterns of people in the mall?
  • Is the difference in rent due to foot traffic of the location justified?
  • How many people are visiting more than one store?




Inside the store

  • Which aisle cap or department gets more foot traffic?
  • How many customers are at register queue?
  • Are my employees opening the store on time?
  • Should I open earlier or close later?


Fortinet Presence Analytics Solution

The solution leverages the existing in-store Fortinet access points or FortiWiFi wireless LAN infrastructure to detect each customer’s smartphone WiFi signal. Smartphones continually scan for wireless access points, and FortiPresence uses this signal to detect customer presence, location and movements.

This information is processed in the cloud and presented in a simple dashboard format, providing the retailer with actionable insights into their customers.


Analytics Features

Presence Analytics

  • Total visitor traffic
  • Dwell time duration
  • Real time visit capture rate
  • Repeat visits, visit frequency, and visit duration
  • Marketing campaign success tracking
  • Comparison between departments, sites, and other A/B analysis
  • Interactive RSSI threshold calibration

Location Services

  • Foot traffic analysis
  • Maintenance staff management
  • Wayfinding and related services
  • Security patrol analysis
  • Staff rostering analysis

Heat Map and Traffic Flow

  • Real-time animated heat maps
  • Floor plan import
  • Visitor density
  • Visitor trilateration
  • Flow analysis with actual, net and total flow
  • VIP view (display of selected VIP visitors)
  • VIP path analysis
  • VIP historical visit review


  • Report generation with customization
  • Report sharing via email
  • Schedule delivery times and recipients
  • Daily, weekly frequency
  • Select locations or regions for comparison data
  • Raw data downloadable for further analysis

How It Works:

  1. Smartphone emits a WiFi probe signal, even if it is in the customer’s pocket and not connected to the WiFi network.
  2. FortiAP or FortiWiFi captures the MAC address and signal strength information from the Smartphone.
  3. On-site APs or FortiWLC summarizes and forwards the data records.
  4. Fortinet’s FortiPresence service receives data via a secure SSL connection.
  5. FortiPresence analytics engine processes and correlates the data.
  6. Data is displayed in the analytics dashboard in an actionable format.

Como Comprar, Part Numbers, SKU

Fortinet FortiPresence Analytics License

(8×5 FortiCare plus Application Control, IPS, AV, Web Filtering and Antispam, FortiSandbox Cloud)

#FPA-ELIC-PA-36 3 anos – FortiPresence – Analytics License 3 Year Multi-Year License for FortiPresence PRO Analytics service. Provides access for 1 Wireless Access Point
##FPA-ELIC-PA-60 5 anos – FortiPresence – Analytics License 5 Year Multi-Year License for FortiPresence PRO Analytics service. Provides access for 1 Wireless Access Point
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