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Aruba SD-WAN


Simplify WAN routing and reduce costs with Aruba Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN). Managed by Aruba Central, Aruba SD-WAN is a better way to control WAN traffic and gain visibility for all existing branch deployments.


Independent Assessment of Aruba SD-Branch and SD-WAN

Miercom validated the performance and capabilities of the Aruba Software Defined Branch Solution including SD-WAN.
Download the report


Aruba SD-WAN Dynamic Path Steering with SLA

This brief describes concepts with examples for DPS.
Read the Dynamic Path Steering tech brief


Optimizing Software as a Service with Aruba SD-WAN

This document provides examples of optimizing the performance of SaaS applications (such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.).
Read the SD-WAN optimization tech brief


Seamless SD-WAN Orchestration

This tech brief describes the features and benefits of the Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator.
Learn more about Aruba SD-WAN orchestration


Orchestrating Virtual Gateways in Public Cloud Infrastructure

This document shows how to orchestrate virtual gateways in public clouds, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Learn more about virtual gateway orchestration


Unified Management and Policy Across the Distributed Enterprise

This document shows how SD-WAN establishes and correlates policy across LAN, WAN and Wireless networks.
Learn more about SD-WAN policy implementation


Using Aruba SD-WAN with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN

This deployment guide describes how to deploy Aruba SD-WAN with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN.
Read the tech brief


Using Aruba SD-WAN-with AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager

This deployment guide describes how to deploy Aruba SD-WAN with AWS Transit Gateway Manager Service.
Download Technical Document


SD-WAN Quality of Service: Supplemental Guide

The guide is a supplemental to the SD-Branch for Midsize Networks design guide and focuses on QoS in the gateways. It discusses how to set 802.1p CoS for queuing applications in the gateway and DSCP for applications passing through a managed SP.
Read the SD-WAN QoS tech brief


SD-Branch for Midsize Networks: Design and Deployment Guide

This Aruba Validated Design (AVD) outlines design and deployment information for midsize branch networks.
Read the tech brief


Aruba SD-Branch featured on Networking Field Day 21

Innovations for Aruba’s SD-Branch, including SaaS Express, SD-WAN Orchestrator and virtual gateways for Microsoft Azure and AWS, work with Aruba SD-LAN Dynamic Segmentation to reduce costs, improve branch security and simplify SD-WAN and SD-LAN network operations.
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Software-Defined Branch for Dummies

What is Software-Defined Branch? How is it different from traditional SD-WAN? How does SD-Branch address the increased use of cloud, IoT, and complexity at the branch? Find the smart answers you seek in this free guide.
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