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Gateway 9000 Series


SD-WAN connectivity and security in flexible, cost-effective form factors


The Aruba 9000 Series Gateways are ideally suited for branch deployments both large and small, and serve as network appliances for SD-WAN and security. Cellular connectivity is also available. Multiple gateways can be grouped as a cluster in each branch for high availability and resiliency.

The 9000 Series is configured and managed via Aruba Central, a simple-to-use cloud-based network operations, assurance and security platform. An optional mobile installer app simplifies on-site deployments to optimize IT resources.

Designed with the flexibility to support the most demanding branch environments – the 9000 Series Gateways provide connectivity for up to 80 times the maximum client density and up to 10 times the maximum throughput of typical SD-WAN appliances.

  • SD-WAN

    Simple SD-WAN management with great scalability

    Deploy SD-WAN using a simple mobile app and provide up to 10 times the performance of typical SD-WAN appliances with a maximum 6Gbps of throughput.

  • Dynamic Segmentation

    Dynamic Segmentation for network traffic enforcement

    Supports simple to use mobile and IoT device policy enforcement for wired and wireless.

  • IoT

    Built for IoT and the cloud

    Supports up to 2,048 devices using cloud access, which is up to 80 times greater density than average SD-WAN appliances.


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