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FortiCloud Revenda Fortinet

Cloud-based SaaS
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FortiCloud is a cloud-based SaaS, offering a range of management and services across the Fortinet Firewalls and Access Points. FortiCloud offers zero touch deployment, configuration management, reporting and analytics, Sandboxing for zero day threat protection and the Indicators of Compromise service which utilizes Big Data analytics to identify threats already present in client devices. As a cloud service, FortiCloud can grow with your requirements from a single AP or FortiGate all the way up to a full MSP management solution for thousands of devices across multiple customers.

Free Service Option

  • FortiCloud offers a free tier which allows deployment and visibility of Access Points and FortiGate products. Data retention is limited to 7 days but it allows access to many of the features and can be used as a portal into FortiCloud Sandbox which is available as part of the Enterprise bundle for FortiGates.

Full Subscription Option

  • Full Management of FortiGates and APs
  • FortiGuard Subscription for FAP-S APs included
  • Configuration management and backup for FortiGates
  • 1 Year of online logs and analysis


  • Simple deployment included with zero touch options
  • Thousands of devices provisioned with a single code

International Cloud Management

  • European, US and Asia data centers ensure low latency and geographic separation for privacy laws
  • Two-factor authentication built in for free using FortiToken apps


  • Single license enables multi-tenancy for many customers
  • Read Only customer accounts
  • Unique Customer logo on reports
  • Simple Central visibility and access

FortiGuard Services

  • Fully integrated with the class leading UTM/ATP services from Fortinet’s FortiGuard division
  • FortiCloud Sandbox provides the most up to date protection available


Industry’s first Cloud-managed Secure Wireless Access Point

FortiAP-S Access Points are cloud managed, offering enterprise capability combined with Fortinet’s FortiGuard security suite embedded. The FortiAP-S access point delivers gigabit performance, security and reliability to meet the growing demand of pervasive WiFi in SMBs and distributed enterprises.

A Cloud WiFi service with comprehensive threat protection. With Fortinet’s award-winning security technology embedded in the AP, the FortiAP-S series provides the most compact solution for complete content and application security provisioned and managed remotely from the cloud through FortiCloud.

FortiCloud service simplifies ease-of-deployment, operational efficiency and total cost of ownership.

Enterprise management and reporting for FortiGates and FortiWiFi

FortiCloud extends the already extensive capabilities of Fortinet’s FortiGates, FortiWiFi and Virtual FortiGate devices. Online log storage provides a full year of detailed information along with a wealth of reporting options. Configuration management is also now included in the FortiCloud solution. FortiCloud Sandbox provides real-time protection while the Indicators of Compromise suite will discover clients which already contain malware and provide advice as to how to mitigate these threats. The Multi-Tenancy options within FortiCloud offer a simple interface for an MSP to manage hundreds of FortiGates and APs across multiple customers with complete data isolation and controlled access rights for users, guest administrators and full administrators.

How FortiCloud Addresses Key Enterprise Wireless and Security Challenges

Facilitating turnkey provisioning of wireless and security devices at remote sites when on-site configuration expertise is unavailable

  • FortiAPs, FortiWiFis and FortiGates include FortiCloud registration functionality in their firmware that allow individual or multiple devices to provision themselves with minimal on-premise expertise.

Keeping initial investment costs down and preference for a consumption-based, OPEX model

  • FortiCloud uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that alleviates the need for upfront capital purchases.

Maintaining single pane of glass management for overseeing a wireless and security infrastructure

  • FortiCloud provides control over wireless and security devices while providing granular visibility and reporting at the same time.

Protecting the network from advanced threats and allowing granular access controls and application usage policies

  • Leveraging FortiCloud Sandbox technology from FortiGuard, FortiCloud is able to inspect potentially malicious payloads for zero-day threats.

Investing in a future-proof wireless and security solution that will scale with your business

  • As FortiCloud is cloud-based, it can grow as your business grows and accommodate additional event log storage as needed.


Initial configuration of firewalls, switches and access points can be a difficult proposition, often requiring expert staff on site to configure each device individually. FortiDeploy greatly simplifies initial configuration and onboarding by providing one-touch provisioning when devices are deployed, locally or remotely. FortiDeploy provides deployment for FortiAPs into a Cloud AP Network, and automatic connection of FortiGates to be managed by FortiCloud.

Hundreds of FortiGates or FortiAPs can be provisioned by using a bulk key in distributed environments, such as large retail or education networks. Once a communication tunnel is established, FortiCloud leverages provisioning profiles and setup wizards to quickly configure managed devices as required.

Configuration and device management from a single pane of glass

Consistent configuration of the devices within your network is essential to maintaining an optimal performance and security posture. FortiCloud provides a central web-based management console to control Fortinet devices. Device settings such as IP addresses or SSIDs can be centrally configured for individual devices or pushed to multiple devices. Configuration backups are kept in FortiCloud to assist with replacement or recovery efforts. Device firmware updates can also be centrally managed and controlled, thereby ensuring uniformed policy enforcement and allowing you to take advantage of the latest features.


Hosted log retention and cloud-based storage

Log retention is an integral part of any security and compliance best practice, but administering a separate storage system can be burdensome and costly. FortiCloud takes care of this automatically and stores your valuable log information securely in the cloud. Depending on your device, you can easily store and access different types of logs including traffic, system, web, applications and security events. The default free service provides 7 days of logs, the subscription service extends this to 1 full year of logs.

Two-factor authentication

FortiCloud supports two factor authentication using the FortiToken application which is provided as a free security service with the product.

Wireless health and oversight at your fingertips

If you’re deploying FortiAP wireless access points, you’ll want to make sure your WiFi infrastructure stays up and running. FortiCloud provides information about your access point uptime along with performance metrics to ensure your WiFi is operating smoothly.

Wireless health statistics are tracked along with client connection data. FortiAP devices can even be rendered on an interactive map to give you a complete view of your wireless infrastructure.

Full control over wireless guest access

Managing wireless guest usage can be cumbersome if administered separately at each remote site, with simple misconfigurations potentially opening up your network to security threats. For organizations in hospitality and retail in particular, centralized guest access management is a must have. FortiCloud allows you to fully control how guests access your wireless network and includes features such as customizable captive portals for authentication.

Advanced Management License extends wireless features

The FAP-S model access points can provide much of the FortiGuard suite of threat management services. The Advanced Management license includes the subscription to these services along with the 1 year log retention and FortiCare 8×5 support. Additional features such as the Bonjour Relay, which allows Bonjour protocols to be easily copied between layer 2 domains, are also included in the FAP-S Enterprise License.

The more traditional FAP series and the Connectivity range FAP-C series also benefit from extended logs and FortiCare support with the Advanced Management License.

Advanced radio configuration options, dynamic VLANs based on RADIUS attributes and intra SSID client isolation can be enabled on the FAP and the FAP-S access points.

Built-in protection from APTs with FortiCloud Sandbox technology

If you’re deploying FortiGates, you can harness the power and expertise of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs global threat research team to inspect potentially malicious files. FortiGate firewalls can upload suspicious files to FortiCloud, where it will execute the file in a sandboxed environment and analyze the resulting behavior for risk. If the file exhibits risky behavior or is found to contain a virus, the FortiGuard team creates a new virus signature and adds it to the FortiGuard anti-malware database. You can then review the status of any files you submit from within your FortiCloud console.

Instant security intelligence and analytics with FortiView

In order to place better security controls on your network, you must first know how it is being utilized. FortiCloud’s extensive set of dashboards gives you an immediate view of FortiGate usage, including a breakdown of network traffic and bandwidth usage. FortiCloud analytics provides you with drill-down and filtering functionality to instantly determine how applications, websites, user and threats are impacting your network.

Exceptional network visibility with FortiCloud reporting

Periodic review of network and security activity is essential in order to keep costs down and security breaches at bay. Reporting allows you to be proactive about optimizing your network and satisfying executive staff scrutiny. FortiCloud provides both preconfigured and custom reports to give you the information you need for your specific reporting and compliance requirements. Reports can be either ad-hoc or scheduled and can be either downloaded or emailed to interested parties.

FortiCloud transport security and service availability

FortiCloud encrypts all communication, including log information, between your FortiGate devices and the cloud. Fortinet deploys redundant data centers to give the FortiCloud service its high availability. Fortinet has also used its years of experience in protecting sophisticated networks around the world to implement operational security measures that make sure your data is secure and only you can view or retrieve it.

FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC)

FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) is an automated breach defense system that continuously monitors your network for attacks, vulnerabilities, and persistent threats. It provides protection against legitimate threats, guarding customer data and

defending against fraudulent access, malware, and breaches. It also helps businesses detect and prevent fraud from compromised devices or accounts.

With IOC, network security controls are in place to rapidly detect and respond to security events by analyzing your network traffic, evaluating security parameters and using global intelligence.

IOC is a post-infection solution. We detect infected or highly suspicious devices in your network, analyze the risk the infected devices represent and notify you about them. As a result, you can clean up the infected device and minimize your business risk. With the advanced plan, you can instantly see which machines are infected.

IOC improves your security posture and helps safeguard your organization through accurate detection of advanced threats. Fortinet Indicator of Compromise Service is available as an add-on service on FortiCloud.

Ordering Information:

Customers with FortiGate model 30 through 3200 series receive 7 days of rolling storage (unlimited volume). To order extension for a year of unlimited storage, the following annual subscription SKUs for each device are available:

Product SKU Description
FortiCloud Log Retention Service FC-10-00XXX-131-02-DD FortiCloud Management, Analysis and 1 Year Log Retention (XXX = model code).
FortiCloud Analysis subscriptions can be located on each individual FortiGate/FortiWiFi page
FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) FG-20 to FG-90 FC-10-90803-142-02-12 1 year FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) for FortiGate 20 Series to FortiGate 90 Series.
FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) FG-100 to FG-300 FC-10-90804-142-02-12 1 year FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) for FortiGate 100 Series to FortiGate 300 Series.
FortiCloud — Multi-Tenancy License FCLE-10-FCLD0-161-02-12 1 year FortiCloud Multi-Tenancy service for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to be able to create and manage multiple SubAccounts.

Customers with FAP-C, FAP-S or FAP, the enterprise license can be added on a per AP basis as shown below. Note the extended capabilities of the FAP-S requires a different SKU to enable the FortiGuard features.

Product SKU Description
FortiAP Advanced Management License for FAP, FAP-U and
FAP-C Series
FC-10-90AP1-170-02-DD 1 Year AP Advanced Management License Includes: Premium AP Management Features (Where applicable for the model), 1 year Log Retention and 8×5 FortiCare.
AP Advanced Management License subscriptions can be located on each individual AP page

For customers who would like to add bulk provisioning for multiple devices, add the following SKU to the purchase order*:

Product SKU Description
FortiDeploy FDP-SINGLE-USE Enables zero touch bulk provisioning for your FortiGate, FortiWiFi, or FortiAP products with FortiCloud. Must be purchased with every PO.
* This feature is only available on devices running FortiOS 5.2.2 and above.

Como Comprar, Part Numbers, SKU

FortiCloud Threat Detection
FortiCloud Multi Tenancy
#FC-10-90803-142-02-12 1 Ano – FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) FG20 to FG90 1 Year FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC)for FortiGate 20 Series to FortiGate 90 Series
#FC-10-90804-142-02-12 1 ano – FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) FG100 to FG300 1 Year FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC)for FortiGate 100 Series to FortiGate 300 Series
#FCLE-10-FCLD0-161-02-12 1 Ano – FortiCloud MultiTenancy Account 1 Year FortiCloud Multi Tenancy service for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to be able to create and manage multiple SubAccounts.
#FDP-SINGLE-USE Enables zero touch bulk provisioning for your FortiGate, FortiWifi, or FortiAP products
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